I’m Corinne, the photographer behind the scenes of Ella Bella Photography. My goal is to provide both a superior experience and a tremendous value for my customers. I have two of the worlds best jobs. I’m a mom and a photographer. I get to experience memories in the making and document them for future generations to look back on. Photography has allowed me to meet some of the greatest people I have ever met. They’re so full of life and I love it. I enjoy being able to capture special moments, how every session is different, and every person’s personality shines through the images. While editing I’m constantly smiling or laughing remembering how that particular image came to be, whether a joke was shared moments prior or child took off crawling before our eyes. But enough about why I love all of you so much!

My photography journey had a complicated beginning. I started photography in high school using those old film cameras. I had to develop the images in a dark room, which I definitely miss! Then in college I dabbled with digital photography. Photoshop was so confusing, developing the images in the dark room was so much easier. Instead of diving into photography I finished my bachelors in psychology, of all things. Then after the birth of my first child I realized I wanted to photograph every fleeting second. I had no idea newborns grew so fast. I threw myself back into photography. I started taking every class I could find on the internet, through creativelive, youtube, whatever I could get my hands on. Before I knew it my daughter had grown from this tiny little 6 pound 8 ounce baby into a full fledge temper tantrum throwing toddler. I had no idea what was about to become. After becoming the mom with a camera and blowing up my Facebook account with pictures of my tiny human, friends and even people I didn’t even know started asking me to document their milestones. And Ella Bella Photography was born.

I continue to take classes in person and online, to further my knowledge of photography, because you can never really know enough of anything.  I want to make sure I create the best photos I can for you. I want to be able to give you that moment where 40 years from now you look back and fondly remember having a session with me. I don’t want you to forget a single second of the milestone I capture for you or how special that moment was for you. I think it’s so important of us to have printed photos to look back on, to have special memories that last a lifetime, and great experience.

Photo Credit Twig and Olive Photography