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So you just brought home your new bundle of joy, and you want to remember every wrinkle. After booking a newborn session you might be wondering, what should I expect, what should I bring, or when should I have my session? Well, let me enlighten you!

When should I have my session? 

Babies are best photographed generally when they are under two weeks of age, however; this is dependent upon whether the baby was born full term and their birth weight. In the whirlwind of having a new baby to take care of and having sleep depravation its easy to forget about newborn pictures. However,  I can still capture newborn images after two weeks of age. Once your baby is two weeks old he or she is more likely to be awake during your session. If you would like the squishy baby photos then coming in within the first two weeks of life is essential. Most of the newborn images you see are of babies that are anywhere from 7-10 days of age. Especially if mama is breastfeeding, to ensure that her milk supply has come in and that baby is no longer cluster feeding. If the baby is premature we may wait a bit longer until the baby has reached a healthy weight. I understand that twins and premature babies are often in the hospital a bit longer therefore making an early newborn session impractical. Please call me with the birth information so I can help determine the best time to schedule.

For the working Dads I do have weekend appointments and some evening appointments available.

How long is a session?

A newborn session can last anywhere between 2-3 hours. Some newborns sleep beautifully and we can conclude the session before 2 hours or get plenty of bonus set ups. Some newborns really want to snuggle with mama and nurse, or are very nosy and don’t want to miss all the action. These babies might take a little longer if they’re not willing to fall asleep but we can always get some awake shots.

What should I bring?

My studio has everything you could ever need for a newborn session. You can arrive with just your baby and I will take care of you. The normal diaper bag essentials are recommend, as well as a change of clothes for Mom and Dad. (Accidents sometimes happen).  You are welcome to bring any specially items or props you want to use in the session.

What if my baby is flaky or has baby acne?

If your baby has flaky skin then bathing and applying lotion or baby oil before the session will help soften the flakes. For baby acne, the traditional wash cloth will help in the cleaning. If all else fails I can retouch the little blemishes.

What should we wear?

Parents, partners, siblings and grandparents are always invited to participate in any newborn session for no additional fee. When it comes to clothing, the idea should be to wear items that will show well when images are printed and hung in the home. I suggest wearing solid colors or simple soft patterns that are not distracting. Gone are the days of “matchy-matchy” clothing, however, when dressing the family, keep the tones similar. You are welcome to bring a change of clothing, and I should warn you that when handling a naked baby someone will get soiled! If it’s me, I am totally fine with it, however; I suggest bringing a change of clothes if you have to go anywhere after the session. I love little boys barefoot and without a shirt or simple t’s. and Dads should keep clothing simple and similar. I love skin to skin photos but I want Dad to be comfortable and I will not ask. So speak up if your a fan and want some of these shots. For Moms we want you to be as comfortable as possible. Maternity clothes or anything that feels good to wear is welcome. I do suggest wearing makeup – especially mascara – as it really makes a difference in images but whatever you feel comfortable with is fine. For little girls, dresses photograph beautifully and I have wraps to make little tube tops so big sister and baby can match. When calling to schedule your session I would be happy to discuss your clothing choices with you.

What do you have at the studio?

The following items are available in my studio.

stretch baby wraps in various colors
cheesecloth wraps in various colors
baby blankets in many colors, hues and textures
fokati rugs
plenty of baskets, buckets and bowls
headbands and tiebacks
baby crowns
lace rompers for babies and toddlers
petti skirts for babies and children
tutus for babies and toddlers
little mama gowns and dresses
diaper covers
knit hats
baby bonnets

Should I feed the baby before I come?

On session day I suggest you feed the baby when you arrive. Babies will tend to feed more then normal in a new environment. Feeding them in our studio first will usually ensure a nice start to a session. If you must feed the baby before you arrive, try just giving half a feeding. For bottle fed babies, pack extra bottles. Babies get very hungry during their newborn sessions.

What if my baby has colic or is gassy?

Gripe water help to calm colic or gassy babies. However, talk to your pediatrician for recommendations.

How warm is it going to be?

I keep the studio nice and toasty at around 80 degrees. This is to keep the naked baby nice and warm and his or her body temperature constant.  Pack some light weight clothes if you are sensitive to heat. And never feel like you have to stay in the studio if you get too hot.

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Dreamy little baby boy.
Dreamy little baby boy.


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