Welcome to the world Natalia.

It doesn’t get much better than this little girl. She came into the studio nice and sleepy, ready to go. We were able to take quite a few family pictures before Miss Natalia decided she needed to take a break from being a model to eat. It’s such hard work being under two weeks old. Natalia was to die for. She let me change her outfit multiple times without waking up. And, oh my her hair. I still can’t get over how much gorgeous dark brown hair she has for baby. I told mom during the session that I felt bad for her because she must have had some major heartburn while she was pregnant for Natalia to have such long locks. I thought my pregnancy heartburn was bad when I ┬áhad my little one but my little leading lady came out bald in comparison to Natalia. She was so perfect I did’t want to let her go home but I’m sure mom and dad wanted to catch up on some sleep while Natalia slept. ┬áCheck out little Natalia’s images for yourself and let me know what you think!

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