Judgement Free Zone

Welcome to parenthood! Let the judgment begin. All the “breast is best” sites or the cosleeping parents vs a crib in a different room parents. We’ve all seen the youtube videos where moms battle it out over who has the best parenting philosophy. I hate to break it to you but in the world of parenting there is no one right answer. We all screw up from time to time, we wish we wouldn’t have lost our cool one second or said something different another. Sometimes we wish we would have stopped what we were doing and played with our child when they wanted us to. To stop typing furiously at the computer and snuggle a little longer. If only we could put life, and responsibilities on hold so we can be the best parents we can be. The parents we always thought we would be.  How sad to think that the soon our little tiny humans will be big humans and the days of cuddling will come to an end. But the reality is that even in those moments where we think we screwed up, we wish we would have done something different, we didn’t damage our children. They still grow up to be independent and strong individuals. We as parents didn’t damage them to the point that they need life long counseling because we didn’t cuddle when work called. No child has ended up in counseling because we didn’t breastfeed long enough or even at all. They turned out just fine. So I’m here to tell you that I will not judge.

I will not judge you when you come to a session and tell me you were induced with your newborn. You did what your doctor told you too.

I will not judge when you tell me you had an epidural. Hey, I totally wanted one too! But I was too late by the time I arrived at the hospital.

I will not judge when you tell me you had to have a c-section. Woman, I am in aw of you. Taking care of a baby day in and day out like a trooper with a battle wound across your abdomen. You, are much stronger than I.

I will not judge when you breastfeed in front of me. Good for you! I wish I had your confidence.

I will not judge when you ask me to leave to breastfeed your baby. I understand its an intimate moment between you and your baby.

I will not judge when you bottle feed your baby. Whether its formula or breast milk sometimes breastfeeding doesn’t happen like we wanted it to. It’s hard! And sometimes we don’t even want to breastfeed.

I will not judge if you want to relax and lay back. You literally just had a baby. You deserve as much relaxing as you can get. Go ahead and sleep.

I will not judge if you bring a gallon of coffee with you. Sleep deprivation sucks.

I will not judge you for co-sleeping or not co-sleeping. Whether that’s having the crib in the same room or the baby in the bed with you or a crib in a different room. You’re doing what you think is right for your family.

Raising children is complicated. It’s hard enough constantly wondering if we’re making the right decision without worrying about what other parents think about us. Parenting isn’t a competition about who did what best. It’s a journey to be cherished, through all of its up and downs, from temper tantrums to cuddling.  Lucky enough for us even though parenting is the hardest job in the world it is also the most rewarding.  It’s time we stop focusing on what other parents think of us and start focusing on what we think of ourselves.


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