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Q: When should I have my newborn session? 

A: Babies are best photographed generally when they are under two weeks of age. Babies born premature should wait until they are at a healthy weight. Please call me with the birth information so I can help determine the best time to schedule. I would never turn you away if you waited longer than the two weeks.

Q: How long is a newborn session?

A: A newborn session can last anywhere between 2-3 hours depending on how often the baby wants to eat, if he or she is sensitive to touch, sleeps easily, and how many infants are being photographed.


Q: When should I do my maternity session?

A: Maternity sessions are best when the tummy is nice and round and Mama is feeling well. Depending on the Mama this can be anywhere from 30-40 weeks.

Q: Can I bring my partner or my children to a session?

A: Partners and children are always welcome! There is no additional charge for family members to be included in maternity or newborn sessions.


Q. How long are family sessions? 

A. There is no set time on family sessions but typically family sessions are about one hour.

Q. What should I expect for my family session? 

A. For your family session I aim to get one great image of everyone looking at the camera. Then we start playing games, cuddle, and interact with your family as you would when you’re at home. It’s great to have some images where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling but the magic is made in the every day moments. Kids only fit on daddy’s shoulders for so long, and kids out grow butterfly kisses and mama snuggles faster than we’d like.